Accent Előnézet

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Released:May, 2019

Licence:CC BY 3.0 (footer credits must remain in place)

Credits:Images from Unsplash



Accent is a simplistic, yet well – designed website template for web design studios. A straight to the point user interface makes your website easy to use; an attractive trait for beginner web designers and a younger audience. Keeping in mind that web design is a pretty complex task in itself, Accent keeps things simple. Accent sports an ‘About Us’ footer, and a pair of navigation icons to change the page. Any project the user wants to start is just a click away with the ‘Start a project’ icon in the middle of the screen. The minimal number of navigation icons makes Accent compatible and easy to use on different gadgets from mobile phones, to tablets and full – size computers. Accent features a professional look, making your website appeal to business and brands that want to go online.