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10 Latest Web Hosting Company Reviews 2017

Hasonlítsa, olvassa és tekintse meg a webtárhelycégről szóló véleményeket. A www.000webhost egy ingyenes tárhelyszolgáltató, és ez egy könyvtár azokról az egyéb szolgáltatókról, akiknél figyelni! A Webmseterek & szolgáltatás felhasználói össze tudnak hasonlítani vagy véleményt írni szinte minden ingyenes és fizetős szolgáltatóról. A mi vélemény könyvtárunk az egyik legnagyobb az interneten és tele van 100% felhasználó kommentekkel.

Vélemény a(z) dreamhost.com cégről lemun hunt által 2017/07/27 at 11:36 időpontban
Dream host is the best Web Hosting out of the hosting have used so

far. They offer hosting with unlimited bandwidth as cheap as $1 per

month which is amazing and beat other web hosting that have been

using so far. Their customer support is good because whenever am

trying to get stuck... I will contact them through Facebook page and I

got my problem solved.
But this year my website is not working properly so I am switch to

LiveMNC.com. They offer me cheap server and their support is very

good. Now I am very happy and totely satisfied.
Vélemény a(z) siliconhouse.net cégről sam által 2017/07/27 at 05:08 időpontban
Worst service. Silicon House email servers are rated "very Poor" in reputation and mails bounce due to this. Tickets are always responded with "we will get back shortly"... That "shortly" is more than 10 days for high priority tickets. Amateur support team.... will be moving out of Silicon House soon... Never got an ETA for any of the tickets...worst service... waste of money...
Vélemény a(z) serveraxis.com cégről John Washkevich által 2017/07/25 at 16:56 időpontban
Have been trying to cancel our account for months. No ONE replies to email/webticket. Their customer service is the absolute worse. Will be contacting the BBB.
Vélemény a(z) gigapros.com cégről Delphine Sylvain által 2017/07/25 at 08:18 időpontban
I've been using gigapros web host for more than 8 months and I must say I've never experienced as good services as they offer - high uptime, qualified support even for an out-of-competence questions, flexible price policy - these are just a few words from the huge list of benefits they're offering to their customers.
They offer so many useful 1-click scripts to install like wordpress, drupal, Joomla, phpbb, e-commerce, etc.
I get everything I may need. Good web host - highly recommend these guys.
Vélemény a(z) 0catch.com cégről Someone not happy által 2017/07/24 at 04:14 időpontban
What the heck has happened to 0catch years ago they were depended reliable and actually answered emails NOW it's sluggish not working no answers let alone no emails from the host to keep clients updated sorry if this is run by new people they have disgraced this host SMH
Vélemény a(z) readyhosting.com cégről Ian Nicholson által 2017/07/22 at 09:50 időpontban
Way overpriced for what they provide. Service is no good either. They claim to offer 24/7 support but their online chat system simply doesn't respond. Advised a client to move away from them, and they were given the most horrendous run-around. When the automatic payment was cancelled, they actually closed the account four days before it was due, and emails containing the transfer code never arrived. Breaking up with ReadyHosting is like breaking up with Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Petty, stalling and unconstructive behaviour. I almost expected to come home to find our pet rabbit in the pot for even THINKING about transferring to another host. If we ever deal with them again it will be 20 billion years too soon.
Vélemény a(z) hostinger.com cégről Annie lewis által 2017/07/22 at 02:52 időpontban
Special thanks to the support staff, real professionals.
Vélemény a(z) hostinger.com cégről RR Play által 2017/07/21 at 08:29 időpontban
Dear to all,

As i purchase a one domain and vps server 2 month it work so fine..now the site has down...am trying to more ways to run my site...but none happens ,,, very poor support teams are there...
Vélemény a(z) fasthostingdirect.co.uk cégről bob által 2017/07/20 at 23:31 időpontban
I have no complaint about my website, but the 24/7 support is untrue. I am still waiting for a reply to my emails sent weeks ago.
Vélemény a(z) gigapros.com cégről Erik Vogt által 2017/07/19 at 13:49 időpontban
I can say there are lots of web hosts out there in the hosting services market. I have heard that those sites who say 'TOP 10 web hosting providers to deal with' are not so reliable in terms of supporting their customers because of the big number of clients and they have no time to solve the troubles they face.
One of my friends recommended Gigapros VPS hosting to transfer some of my web sites to US.
I paid via paypal, setup was fast. Moreover, their customer support helped me with migration - I am very thankful for that. Pricing is suitable for my budget (I have so many useful features and free staff).
Recommend this nice hosting. Gigapros is the best one!
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